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'In Times'


Released on: March 10, 2015


Our Rating

By Jö Schüftan | Posted on: March 11, 2015
Just like fine booze, the more ENSLAVED ages... the "tastier" they get! As soon as I fired up my stereo to CRANK ENSLAVED's NEW album In Times (available now via Nuclear Blast Records), the band's thirteenth studio album violently woke all of my senses up. After shutting the world out so that I could listen attentively to yet another crushing batch of songs created by this amazing Haugesund, Norway-based band, my emotions felt extremely compelled to every single sound I heard. To say that my Metal heart and bones wanted more is an absolute understatement!

When it comes to band's that produce their own albums, Ivar Bjørnson, Grutle Kjellson and Herbrand Larsen are able to accomplish excellent results. This time around they had Iver Sandøy helping them out while mixing was completed by Jens Bogren at Fascination Street Studios in Örebro, Sweden.

From the first note of the opening track "Thurisaz Dreaming" you know it is a ENSLAVED record, but the band definitely manages to not sound outdated. You know how many bands have a signature sound and when you hear NEW material it sounds expired? Well, ENSLAVED always manages to keep their signature sound intact and fresh. This ladies and gentleman, is really hard to do and this is why the NEW ENSLAVED album is a masterpiece.

While I could give you a track-by-track summary and tell you which tracks stand out, I rather you listen to the entire record with your own ears so you can make your own judgement (please do not skip any songs). But trust me, this is the type of album that any headbanger who might be losing faith in Heavy Music should buy (not steal) and play it loud and proud!

Order the NEW ENSLAVED album In Times HERE

Here is the track listing for ENSLAVED's In Times:

1) Thurisaz Dreaming
2) Building With Fire
3) One Thousand Years Of Rain
4) Nauthir Bleeding
5) In Times
6) Daylight


- Ivar Bjørnson
- Grutle Kjellson
- Arve Isdal
- Cato Bekkevold
- Herbrand Larsen

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