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'For All Kings'


Released on: February 26, 2016


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By Jö Schüftan | Posted on: February 22, 2016
It's always an exciting time in Heavy Music when ANTHRAX releases a NEW album since they never copy what they have done before in order to sell records.

In For All Kings, ANTHRAX created a fantastic batch of fresh tunes that definitely contain the band's Thrash Metal signature sound but that feature different sonic elements then the ones found on 2011's Worship Music (the band's most recent critically acclaimed album) or any of their previous records, really.

From front to back, For All Kings features Scott Ian's best guitar work yet and I truly believe that it was because he had a NEW writing partner in Jonathan Donais of SHADOWS FALL. Donais is the type of player that will inspire anyone to play faster, harder and cleaner! Yes, there is plenty of good ol' distortion but the guitar tones that producer Jay Ruston captured on the NEW ANTHRAX record are absolutely beautiful!

And the groove captured by Ruston of Charlie Benante's and Frank Bello's drums and bass respectively, punches you in the gut while making your head bop out of control! While both Benante and Bello share DNA it is really their musical chemistry that makes sure that every NEW song on For All Kings explodes in your face! And I must say that Benante's snare drum sound is the best snare sound I have heard in many years!

While the foundation of a record is what makes or breaks a record (For All Kings is a BREAKER), it is the vocals and the lyrics that capture the listeners attention and keeps them hooked! Once again Joey Belladonna sang his heart out and even tried some NEW vocal ranges by hitting some low notes while still belting out his world famous high notes!

For All Kings is the type of record in which one can't just pick a few stand out tracks as the songs are meant to be heard back-to-back without skipping or shuffling! If you want to listen to a KICK ASS Thrash Metal album, the NEW ANTHRAX album For All Kings is for you!

Purchase ANTHRAX's For All Kings HERE

Track listing for ANTHRAX's For All Kings:

01. “You Gotta Believe”
02. “Monster At the End”
03. “For All Kings”
04. “Breathing Lightning”
05. “Suzerain”
06. “Evil Twin”
07. “Blood Eagle Wings”
08. “Defend/Avenge”
09. “All of Them Thieves”
10. “This Battle Chose Us”
11. “Zero Tolerance”

What do you think about the NEW ANTHRAX record? Leave your comments below.

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