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Band of the Week for: 8/7/2015
Fear Factory
Genre: Industrial Metal | Location: Los Angeles, California
Website: www.fearfactory.com
Posted on: August 07, 2015 @ 3:07 pm | By Jö Schüftan
When Dino Cazares formed FEAR FACTORY in 1991, Heavy Metal was upside down and some even declared it to be "dead". What many did not anticipate was that a band called FEAR FACTORY would revolutionize Metal by incorporating electronic music sounds and that they would still be standing strong 25+ years later!

Formed in Los Angeles, California, FEAR FACTORY was born when Dino and Raymond Herrera (former drummer) came across Burton C. Bell and were very impressed with his singing voice. This is when the light bulb went on and they decided to combines harmonies and growls in a way that nobody had ever heard before. Little did they know that they were manufacturing a whole music scene later dubbed as NuMetal.

While the band does have strokes of Death Metal (specially on their first few albums), their approach is more groove oriented as they play violently yet rhythmically. To this day, the band has released ninth studio albums, with their latest being the brand NEW ass kicking album entitled Genexus (available now via Nuclear Blast Entertainment).

Genexus proves that FEAR FACTORY can still play really fast and aggressive songs while always focusing on being very musical. There is no question that the band's strength remains intact in 2015! Genexus is a must buy if you love solid no holds barred Heavy Music that doesn't sound stale or outdated. Click HERE to order the NEW FEAR FACTORY album!

Without FEAR FACTORY, modern Metal would not contain that crushing mechanic groovy sound! PERIOD!


- Burton C. Bell: vocals
- Dino Cazares: guitars
- Mike Heller: drums
- Tony Campos: bass

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