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Life On The Road - Part 2
Posted on: November 21, 2013 @ 2:00 am by Jö Schüftan
Hey guys! Jo here. After 10 weeks on the road as the MC/host/interviewer of the 2013 Living Loud tour (presented by Project Independent), I am back home and I feel like my life is almost back to "normal". During my journey through the United States of Metal I learned a lot of valuable lessons that definitely changed my life.

Before I start this, I wanted to share with you a great quote by my friend Emily Grant:

"In my opinion, settling in the workplace, friendships, or romance is a result of fear. Those who settle are often not willing to investigate or dive into the unknown. Those who settle often take the easy way out because it's much more comfortable for them than having to investigate the potential for what could be".

The reason why I decided to share this quote with all of you is because I received a lot of mixed feedback after I posted part 1 (read it HERE!), and this quote really summarizes the reason why some are proud of what was accomplished by everyone that was part of the tour and why others can't help but talk shit. In my opinion, what we did possesses a lot more value than what meets the eye. Why is that? Because we were the lucky ones that were part of a life changing 10 week tour, and only we understand the magnitude of the experiences lived during the tour. You had to be there to really understand what we survived.

Before I forget, many of us would have probably dropped out of the tour if it wasn't for the 350+ bands that were part of the tour that would make every long drive, and the hiccups encountered while on the road, totally worth it. Any music scene is only as strong as the relationships that "control" the scene and we all made so many awesome friends along the way. I would say that arriving at most of the venues was a huge reward since we would all get some downtime to break the monotony, and towards the end of the tour to be alone. Yes, being alone is key when you are on tour.

Of course there was much more than the shows, the bands, the drives... I am talking about the drama brought in by relationships that suffered the consequences of miscommunication (not my relationship for the record), van and equipment breakdowns, hook ups between members of the PI crew and the band (ELEMENT A440), and shows that fell thru because there are way too many bands out there that think that they do not need to pay any dues in this industry.

By the way, the only time I thought about dropping out of the tour was when the fight occurred in Phoenix, AZ before the tour even started (read all about it HERE). But my will beat me to it because I had my own personal goals and aspirations, and was not willing to let anyone ruin that for me!

Stay tuned for part 3.
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